Roof Skylight Installation

Skylight Installation energy efficient skylights for commercial and residential solutions.

There is three main types of skylights, each type has the same “skylight purpose” which is to brighten up your home. Skylight InstallationSkylights are also found in commercial buildings. The two main types of skylights found commercial buildings are hip ridge skylight and barrel vault skylight. Three main skylights found on residential homes are fixed skylights, ventilating skylights and tubular skylights. Fixed skylights don’t open and there only purpose is to provide light. Ventilating skylights can be manual or electrical and open to provide fresh air flow. Lastly tubular skylights are the most modern on the market. They are a round tubular shape and placed in small rooms or hallways to prove lighting. If you are looking to replace your skylights or have new skylights installed contact Atlantic Quality today.

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Skylight Installation