Roof Ventilation

Attic ventilation is an important part of roofing

Attic ventilation seems like a rather new idea, but it actually has been around for quite sometime. A properly ventilated roof Ridge ventand/or attic will actually extend the life of your roof and even reduces problems by minimizing the temperature difference between the attic and the air outside. A vented roof will remove heat and moisture from your attic; which will lower your energy costs, reduce ice dams, and will help prevent damage to roof system components and items in the attic. On certain roofing systems, roof coatings can be used to reflect UV rays. Ice dams are ice build up on the eave of the roof which can cause serious damage if not prevented. A properly ventilated roof can help prevent ice dams although the suggested solution is adding a De-icing cable which will melt the ice build up allowing the water to run down the gutter system. Consulting with a professional will help you decide on the best solution for you homes ventilation, energy efficiency, safety and ice dam and De-icing cable solutions. Contact us today to schedule a service consultation.

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Roof Ventilation