De-icing Cable Installation

Keep Gutters and Downspouts Flowing all Winter Long with  Roof De-icing Cable

De-icing CableEnd costly ice damage caused by water backing up under shingles and leaking into the house by providing a clear patch for melting water. De-icing cables can reduce the need of roof repairs cause by snow and ice damage. It keeps roof edges, gutters and downspouts ice-free. Even in below freezing weather, snow on the roof will often thaw because of heat from the sun and heat loss from the house through the roof. As this melted snow reaches the roof overhang it refreezes. Here there is no heat loss so the roof surface is much colder. As this melted snow refreezes again and again on the roof overhang, an ice dam is formed. Soon water backs up under shingles, and leaks into the house. In addition, sliding snow is also dangerous in the winter time; snow guards are highly recommended.

Installations Instructions

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